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Castillo del Tostón

Declared Cultural Historical-Artistic Interest Monument since 1949, it’s a good example of the importance of El Cotillo’s Natural Port.

This precious cylindrical shape castle holds, nowadays, an important cultural space that hosts many contemporary temporary exhibitions. But the best of this place is that you might contemplate amazing panoramic views over the beaches area of El Cotillo.

Everyday from 9am to 3pm

Castillo del Tostón
Mercado de Las Tradiciones

Very special canary market, you can find marmalades, “mojo”, goat cheese, special salts, etc.

It is in La Oliva (12 minutes from the house)

Every tuesday and friday from 10 - 14:00

Mercado de Las Tradiciones
Lobos Island

It is in the northeastern side of Fuerteventura.

The ship sails from Corralejo Port, the last ship to come back it is at 5 or 6 pm. The price is around 15€ per person (go and back). 

Don’t forget to bring your water and sunscream, there is not shadow. You should reserve the food when you get to the island or bring your own food.

Schedule: Everyday, every hour approximately, since 10 am. 

Mercado Artesanal Los Lajares

Craft market where you can find products made in the Island.

It is in Lajares (6 minutes by car)

Every Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00

Lobos Island
Mercado Artesanal Los Lajares
Barranco Los Encantados or Los Enamorados

Not far from the beach "Esquinzo" you can find this path.

This spectacular paleodunar landscape occurred more than 135,000 years ago, when a major descent began at sea level, revealing these sediments, which are banks of submarine sands dragged by the winds to the interior of the island. 

Los Enamorados
Centolo Negro

They make boat trips to practice snorkeling on the west coast of Fuerteventura. They take you to a corner of spectacular and wild beauty, where the sea is calm and crystal-clear waters, where they do different levels of snorkeling, and discover some marine species from Fuerteventura seabed, perform jumps into the water from the cliff. A fun, adventurous experience, to enjoy in group, family or couple. 100% recommended. 

Centolo Negro


El Cotillo. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

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