natural mood
Natural Mood Loft
Located between the mountains and the sea
2km far from El Cotillo
For 2 people
Pablo's house
Pablo's House
Located in El Roque
1km far from El Cotillo
For 2 people
jose house
Jose's House
Located in El Roque
1km far from El Cotillo
For 3 people

History of El Roque and El Cotillo

El Roque is still a small and traditional village dedicated to the cattle raising and the manufacture of the best artisan cheeses of the Island. Located a mile and a half from El Cotillo where its inhabitants established, from its beginnings, a fishing refuge. A society that barely changed after colonization.

 From the seventeenth century onwards, a fishing settlement was known around the area called as Puerto del Roque. One of the ports of arrival of the commercial route between Madeira and Fuerteventura.
In the middle of century XX is when it finishes called El Cotillo.

In the 1980s tourism appeared as an economic alternative and considerably increased its demography.

Currently, between Roque and El Cotillo, there are 1,300 inhabitants.

It is in El Cotillo where all the services are concentrated: supermarkets, coffee shops, hardware stores, bank, restaurants, etc.

El Roque, however, remains foreign to tourism, only a few holiday homes are integrated among those of its ancestral inhabitants proud of their customs and social tranquility.